Surya Trinidad Tnd-1117 Chilli Pepper

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Surya Trinidad Tnd-1117 Chilli Pepper Area Rug

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Material: 100% Hemp
Construction: Hand Woven
Quality of Rug
Ranging from neutral, natural shades to vibrant, bold tones, Surya Trinidad area rugs will stimulate your senses as soon as you enter the room. Trinidad rugs reflect Caribbean culture through their natural, sophisticated appearance. Each is hand woven from 100% eco-friendly and sustainable fiber hemp in order to have the lowest environmental impact while still adding beauty to your home.
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Item Number: Shape: Size: Color: Rug Style: Price: Special Price: Qty:
  tnd1117-23 Rectangular 2'0" x 3'0" Chilli Pepper Trinidad Tnd-1117 $188.00 $112.00     
  tnd1117-3353 Rectangular 3'3" x 5'3" Chilli Pepper Trinidad Tnd-1117 $515.00 $309.00     
  tnd1117-58 Rectangular 5'0" x 8'0" Chilli Pepper Trinidad Tnd-1117 $1,096.00 $657.00     
  tnd1117-811 Rectangular 8'0" x 11'0" Chilli Pepper Trinidad Tnd-1117 $2,412.00 $1,447.00     
  tnd1117-268 Runner 2'6" x 8'0" Chilli Pepper Trinidad Tnd-1117 $603.00 $361.00     

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